Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

BIG:LEAP Enrollment is Complete

All selected control and treatment group participants have been contacted.

For additional BIG:LEAP information, please click here. For information on other support programs, please click here.


How do I know if I’ve been selected as a BIG:LEAP participant?

All selected control and treatment group participants have been contacted at the information provided in the program application.

What if my contact information has changed?

Please email and include your full name and the contact information you used to apply (phone number, email address, street address), along with the updated contact information.

How many participants have been selected and by whom?

Approximately 3,200 participants have been chosen at random by the Center of Guaranteed Income Research at the University of Pennsylvania to receive the $1000 per month for 12 months. Additionally, roughly 3,700 applicants have been randomly selected to participate in the research component of the program called a “control group” (receiving no monthly cash deposit).

What is a “control group” for? Is there a benefit for participating?

This program is a research study. A “control group” is a group of participants in the research study who will not receive monthly cash deposits, but will participate in surveys and interviews about wellbeing. This allows us to compare information with the “treatment group” who is the group selected to receive the monthly cash deposit.  This will help us see the changes each group had depending on their access to the monthly cash deposit. Participants for the control group are randomly selected. If an individual chooses to participate in the research study as part of the control group, they will receive a $30 gift card for each survey completed (there will be three future opportunities to complete surveys).

If selected to participate in the program, how much money will I receive? Does the money have to be used in a certain way?

BIG:LEAP treatment group participants receive a no-strings-attached $1,000 monthly cash deposit for 12 months. Participants can use the money however they see fit to meet their needs

Is there any reason that the City of Los Angeles would reclaim funds distributed to me?

The City of Los Angeles reserves the right to reclaim any funds left in the Angeleno Connect IRC Mastercard account at any time so that the BIG:LEAP program can provide the largest benefit to the most people in the fairest way possible. Circumstances under which the City might choose to reclaim funds from your card include, but are not limited to:


  1. If you provide inaccurate information to the City in your application or at any other time
  2. If you are no longer a resident of the City and you do not notify the City
  3. If you no longer qualify to participate in the BIG:LEAP program for any reason
  4. If the City terminates the BIG:LEAP program
  5. If you fail to use any remaining funds in your Angeleno IRC account for a period of twelve months or longer

I was not selected to participate but I still need help. Are there any resources available to me?

Yes, there are many programs available throughout the City of Los Angeles that we want to make sure you can access. Visit the Resources page on this website to learn more about what programs and resources are available to you.

Will BIG:LEAP funds impact my existing public benefits? 

We are invested in ensuring that existing public benefits are minimally impacted by BIG:LEAP funds. All selected participants are offered benefits counseling to ensure they fully understand their unique situations before deciding to continue in the program.

If I was selected, when and how will  I receive the $1,000 each month?

Selected participants who successfully complete program enrollment are provided a debit card which will be loaded with funds on the 25th of each month for 12 months. 

Please email with any additional questions. 

BIG:LEAP Introduction Video

Information on Los Angeles's BIG:LEAP, the largest guaranteed basic income pilot in the country.

Video de Introducción al BIG:LEAP

Información sobre BIG:LEAP de Los Angeles, el programa más grande de ingreso básico garantizado en el país.